Rantatie 1, 54710 Lemi Finland
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Simply delicious!

Särä is sublime when eaten either at the restaurant or served at your event.
This traditional Finnish delicacy and our skilled catering service make a winning combination.

Särä soup is an excellent choice for family gatherings and various kinds of celebrations.
Särä can be served in a traditional wooden trough or in a ceramic pot.
Cranberry cheesecake puts the perfect finishing touch to your event.

Catering prices

Särä soup 8€
Särä in a trough 28€
Traditional särä meal 30€
Celebration package 35€

Staff 28€ / hour, Mon-Sat 50€ / hour, Sun
Tableware and glasses 2,5€ / person

Transportation and other services by agreement

For more information, please contact:
, +358 5 4146 470